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Small DIY Slime Making Kits

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Learn how to make your own oozy slime at home with these DIY slime kits!

Kids love these DIY slime making kits! Put a sciency spin on your party and let your little Einsteins create either super stretchy slime or bouncing putty!

The super stretchy slime kit is great fun and the kids will be amazed as they see how far this gooey gunk can stretch! It’s an ideal addition to any party bag, or as a hands-on activity for a Halloween, space, or science-themed party!

The bouncing putty kit creates super springy bouncing blobs! Simply drop it on the floor and it’ll bounce away, while still being stretchy and squidgy in the hand!

In each box, you’ll find super simple slime recipes and easy-to-follow instructions on how to make slime using the ingredients included. Creating the slime or putty is incredibly easy and takes just 5 minutes, ideal for any busy party! Quick, easy, and great fun for all involved!

• 7g of of dry mixture. Just add 20ml of water.
• Ready in 5 minutes.
• Instructions included.
• Non toxic.
• May mark or stain some fabrics.
• Not recommended for children under 8 years old.
• Always under adult supervision.
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Small DIY Slime Set Stretchy Slime
Small DIY Slime Set Bouncing Putty