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Pick and Mix Giant Multi Confetti Party Balloons

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Packed with Fluttery Colourful Confetti, These Fabulous Balloons Are Perfect at Any Event!

These huge confetti balloons add a colourful bounce to any birthday bash! Stuffed with multicoloured confetti, they’re perfect for creating eye-catching balloon bunches, for tying to guests chairs, or just adding some style to the event!

Don’t forget to pick up a helium canister to keep them in the air!

• 36in (91cm)
• Clear latex
• Multi-coloured tissue paper confetti
• Adult supervision is required for children under 8
• To make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloons best, we recommend inflating the balloons with either helium OR a balloon pump, and to help the confetti stick even better, rub the balloon on a surface to create static electricity.
• Please note: Helium in a latex balloon will have a limited life span of up to 7 hours, inflation should be done as close to the event as possible. This life span may change in direct sunlight and warm temperatures.

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