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Bright Birthday Confetti Party Balloons

Ref: 29206


These amazing transparent birthday confetti balloons are filled with brightly coloured tissue pieces, and printed with ‘Happy Birthday’ in bright primary colours! Kids love the strikingly unusual design and exciting bright colours!

• Latex and Tissue Paper
• 12in (30.5cm)
• 6 x clear latex balloons
• Paper confetti (14.1g)
• Assembly required
• To make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloons best, we recommend inflating the balloons with either helium OR a balloon pump, and to help the confetti stick even better, rub the balloon on a surface to create static electricity.
• Please note: Helium in a latex balloon will have a limited life span of up to 7 hours, inflation should be done as close to the event as possible. This life span may change in direct sunlight and warm temperatures.

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