Smurf Party Ideas

Calling all Smurfs and Smurfettes, we’ve come up with some spectacular party tips and tricks to help celebrate Smurf-style. With the recent film out, it’s time to get partying and transform your home into a medieval forest. It’s one of the few times children have a reason to eat blue food!

Smurf Party Invitations

You can buy pre-designed Smurfs party invitations which are fun and fabulous. In fact they’re so great you would be crazy to make your own. But if you feel like being creative use red and white card to make your own mushroom shaped invitations. Use the white stem of the mushroom to fit all the party details on and why not add a splash of green or red glitter to give it a magical mushroom feel.

Smurfs Party Fancy Dress

Get the kids to dress in blue and white, the Smurfs favourite colours. This should be relatively easy and will fill your house with Smirf look-alikes to get everyone in the mood. Blue face-painting could be a fun Smurf party activity once they’ve arrived.

Smurf Party Decorations

Smurfs lived in a communal utopia of mushroom houses deep in a medieval forest so within reason, keep this in mind when decoration your party room. Fill empty corners with a mixture of Smurf helium balloons and plain blue and white ones. The blue fabric Happy Birthday bunting will coordinate with your colour scheme as well as twisted blue and white crepe paper and blue spiral hanging garland.

The Smurfs party foil banner will give you a really Smurfy feel. With blue and white as your block colours add some touches of green to represent the green forest such as a green door hange, giant palm tree cut out or even real live plants.  Create your own mushroom houses out of card and hand these from the ceiling or how about papier mache mushrooms – a fun activity for the weekend before the party.

For the table, a Smurfs themed tablecloth or plain blue or white tablecloth is perfect. Use a tiered cupcake stand as your table centre and add a small indoor plants (for a foresty feel) and place a few Smurf figurines inside. Mix and match the table with blue or white cutlery, cups, plates and Smurf straws.

Smurf Party Food

Smurfs eat sarsaparilla leaves, berries and anything blue, but this could be tricky to find in your local supermarket. Apart from using blue food colouring to colour things such as drinks and cream cheese spreads, think of ingredients that appear in the film. Make some mushroom, mini mozzarella and cherry tomato skewers or apple and cheese sticks (Smurfs after all are only 3 apples high). A mushroom shaped cookie cutter is great to create Smurf-friendly sarnies and fill blue bowls with popcorn and blue party jugs with a ‘Smurf sparkler’ made using any fruit cordial topped up with sparkling water. Alternatively you could make your own Smurf ice cubes by adding blueberries to your ice cube tray and fill with water.

For a special treat, fill a bowl with marshmallows and label them Gargamellows or for a real party show stopper make some raspberry (blue) flavoured candy floss using the candy floss maker – now that will impress them!

Smurfs Party Birthday Cake

Some mushroom cupcakes with red icing and white spots would look great on a red or white -tiered cupcake stand. Alternatively make your cupcakes in blue polka dot cupcakes and top with blue butter icing. Bowls of blueberries and raspberries would go nicely with these (Smurfs favourite party treat) or you could even make your own jelly and pop some berries inside just before it sets to make an authentic Smurfs berry jelly.

Smurf Party Games & Activities

A face painting stall is a perfect way to transform guests into a real Smurf by painting their faces blue. For games inside, split the party into two teams and have 20 Smurf themed questions ready for them to answer. Sleeping Smurfs is a great adaption of sleeping lions and Smurf statues of musical statues. For something more creative, get your party guests to make their own Smurfs using blue, white, black and red FIMO (which needs to be baked) or playdough. Try to set this up in advance though as things could get quite messy during the party.

If you plan to party outside, organise some fun Smurf party games. A mushroom treasure hunt by hiding coconut mushrooms around the garden and getting the kids to collect them in Smurfs party cups. If you can’t get your hands on the sweet ones, chestnut mushrooms from the supermarket are fun and original.  Organise a relay race with two teams where each person has to run around a ‘mushroom’ or cone with a white hat on. The first team to finish the race first wins.

Smurf Party Bags
Send guests home with Smurf-tastic party bags complete with mushroom eraser sets, Smurfs party bubble tubes, glitter slime egg and Smurf notepads. The Smurfs party snap cards will be a big hit with the guests or even the Smurfs party jigsaw.

To complete the show, hand each guest their very own Smurfs party hat so they can show off to the rest of the family.

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  1. I remember collecting Smurfs when they first came out (yes, Im that old) so to see them reappear is kind of fun! My kids are a bit too old for Smurfs and Im almost sad about that… :)

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