Groovy Gruffalo Party!

Get your groove on with a Gruffalo get together. The brilliant book is now a popular party theme and with these ideas for food, games and decorations it is not hard to see why.

Gruffalo Party Invitations: For a different invite you could print gruffalo face masks off the internet onto white card. Cut out into the right shape and write the party details of when, where, what time and RSVP with bright felt tips on the back. Include some elastic so the children can wear them too!

The gruffalo invitations declaring “I’m having a feast with a gruffalo” are incredibly sweet alternatives.

Gruffalo Party Decorations: Why not have colourful animal foot prints, in varying sizes, leading up to the door and into the party room to excite your guests? Create the woods that the little mouse walks through with a green colour theme. A metallic green door decoration and green balloons should do the trick. Hang up the gruffalo banner and add the gruffalo essential kit with plates, cups, and napkins for a great Gruffalo themed table.

A Gruffalo Feast: Take inspiration from the characters in the tale. Cubes of cheddar on cocktail sticks are perfect for mice to nibble into. Homemade chicken bites (smear cubed chicken breast in red pesto and dip in breadcrumbs before cooking) will satisfy any famished foxes. Serve bowls of peanuts and popcorn for squirrels to store up on and scotch eggs can become “Snake eggs”!

Create a woodland mud chocolate cake decorating it with splinters of chocolate Matchsticks, Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and jelly snake sweets. Don’t forget the gruffalo candles! Serve with a bowl of woodland berries such as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Delicious!

Gruffalo Games: Classic party games such as pass the parcel and musical chairs remain firm favourites but here are a couple more activities especially for this theme:

Musical animals: Whilst playing music the children must all dance and move about the room. Shout out the animals that feature in book (mouse, fox, owl, snake, squirrel, gruffalo) in turns. The children must then move and make noises as that animal. When you stop the music they must be silent and freeze. Anyone moving or making noise is out. To keep your Gruffs out of a huff you could reward them with a gruffalo badge when they are out.

Face painting: Using the Snazaroo set of face paints the children will enjoy getting their faces painted as any of the animals in the book. Whether to be a wise owl or a wily fox, I wonder?

A Gruffalo version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey is sure to be a hit and the Gruffalo piñata will be fun to hit!

Gruffalo Party Bags: Send your little gruffalos home happy with a handul of treats in a gruffalo loot bag. Chocolate mice, modeling clay, rocket balloons, finger puppets and bugs foil stickers are all good bets.

By Laura Pullman, Features Writer, The Party Times

3 Responses to “Groovy Gruffalo Party!”

  1. I had a gruffalo party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday in December. I could not get hold of any gruffalo party supplies whatsoever so had to make my own.

    Food wise we had:
    ‘Mice tails’ – Hot dogs,
    ‘Poisonous warts’ – green grapes,
    ‘Scramble snake’ – popcorn
    ‘Roasted Fox Sandwiches’ – cheese butties
    ‘Gruffalo Crumble Cake’ – flapjacks
    ‘Purple Prickle Jelly’ – Blackcurrent Jelly

    I even attemped my own cake which turned out fantastic!!

    My daughter loved it and still talks about her ‘Gruffalo Party’ now.

  2. Loved your ideas.
    My son wants a Gruffalo party next.
    He had a dinosaur one last year which was a great hit…so a lot to keep up to!
    Put the last party on my blog:
    Thanks again for some “food for thought”

  3. Dear Jackie, our pleasure, the dino party looked great fun! Please keep sending party pics in as we’d love to share on Twitter or Facebook. We’re also looking to feature lots more wedding-related ideas. Sarah

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