Alanna’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter tea party A huge thank you to Alanna for sharing with us her ‘Mad Hatter’s’ birthday party photos. We love the dressing up costumes and bright pink martini glasses! What a wonderful way to celebrate a girls birthday, see more photos here.


Mad Hatter table setting

Each place was laid with Truly Scrumptious cake plates and Truly Scrumptious table cover, hot pink martini glasses and pretty napkins, curled and tied with a faux ring.

Party drinks

Party drinks were served out of a selection of teapots and the table decorated with star table decorations.

Mad Hatters party food

Beautiful cupcake stands and tiny sandwich triangles labelled with pretty sandwich sticks, satisfied hungry tummies!

Mad Hatters fancy dress

The birthday girl and party guests dressed up as white rabbits, Mad Hatters and decadent Queens.

Mad Hatters party decorations

Playing cards attached to a length of string (using needle and thread) were tied above the curtain rail.


Helium-filled heart balloons were tied to the pack of chairs or suspended in mid-air.

For Truly Scrumptious and party tea decorations and accessories visit Party Pieces.

7 Responses to “Alanna’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”

  1. Love the decoration!

  2. inspirational – thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the idea about using the playing cards attached to string as a room decoration. Does anyone have any other Mad Hatter creative ideas?

  4. this i lovely

  5. It is a wonderful theme for a party and I would consider the following ideas too –
    on the party invitations ask the guests to meet you in “Wonderland”
    you could play lawn croquet as a party game

  6. That looks amazing! Like Pippa, I think the playing card banner is a wonderful idea! Very creative and unique!

  7. how long did it take you to orginaise the party email me back to email aderess. x

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