Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Head down the rabbit hole into a fantasty world where little bunnies, flamingos and mad hatters are free to roam. Stop the clocks, bring out the tea pots and enjoy a truly scrumptious affair. Think cake stands piled high with teatime treats, whimsical decorations and over-sized giant garden games – that’s an Alice in Wonderland tea party!

Tea Party Invitations
Make your own invitations by shaping coloured card into playing cards, teapots or teacups. Decorate with glitter or Alice in Wonderland themed stickers and pop in an envelope with a few real playing cards or even a teabag. Another original idea is to write the party details on a pretty, floral designed mini cake plate from the Party Pieces new truly scrumptious vintage summer party range.

Tea Party Fancy Dress
Top hats and rabbit ears are fun accessories for a Mad Hatters tea party and most children will be able to find outfits to match. Alternatively, suggest children come as their favourite Alice in Wonderland character, from flamingo, hedgehogs, and lobsters to cats, caterpillars and crabs. You can find some fabulous animal fancy dress costumes from Pretend to Bee (like this colourful caterpillar).

Tea Party Decorations
Decide whether you are having the party outdoors or indoors, either way it is easy to adapt the Alice in Wonderland party theme to suit your venue.

For arriving guests, create a ‘rabbit hole’ entrance with rabbit paw tracks leading to the hole. Use chalk for the rabbit paws and a play tunnel or hula-hoop as the rabbit hole. Set up a long banquet style party tea table, which can be a focal point for the tea party. Cover a trestle table with a pretty floral tablecloth and fill the centre with teapots of all sizes and cupcake stands filled with exquisite little cupcakes. Scatter the table with heart shaped confetti and lay beautiful floral paper plates for each place setting.

Using the table as the focal point, tie heart shaped or flower printed balloons on to the backs of chairs. Hang colourful paper lanterns above the table and suspend pink and yellow crepe and butterfly paper garlands between two points in the room or between tree branches in the garden.

Fabric bunting also looks effective outside and can be reused for other summer occasions and themed parties. Create a magical outdoor atmosphere by hanging glass beaded candle holders from tree branches or scattering butterfly light sticks around the party tea table. Other fun decorations include over-sized playing cards, flowers and teapots, which can be suspended from branches and fixtures (you can make your own using coloured card).

Create your own ‘looking glass’ using aluminium foil and randomly scatter bedside clocks and wall clocks around the table with the time stopped at teatime. If you are outside, fill up a paddling pool and label it as the ‘pool of tears’ and what about a face painting stall where guests can be transformed into bunnies with little black noses and whiskers?

Tea Party Food
Transform your party tea table into a whimsical feast by filling tiered cake stands with edible delights such as mini cupcakes, mini finger sandwiches, baby scotch eggs and sausage rolls.

Sandwich fillings such as egg mayonnaise, cheese and pickle, cream cheese and cucumber and ham and tomato are great traditional choices for a tea party and cut these into triangle and heart shaped sandwiches. It’s quite fun to label these with sandwich and cake flag sticks describing what’s inside. Bake some little crown shaped cookies, covered with baby blue icing and write ‘Eat me’ on each using white icing pens. Strawberries dipped in chocolate, mini marshmallows and chocolate brownies are also naughty but irresistible party delights. Serve these on plates lined with pretty truly scrumptious doilies.

For drinks, fill bright pink jugs with a delicious squash and label with tags saying ‘Drink me’. For older children, plastic champagne glasses are quite fun alternatives to cups and fill with delicious pink lemonade or a homemade one if you’ve got some time. You could even serve your drinks out of teapots, which children will love.

Tea Party Birthday Cake
Cakes are an essential party of any birthday and particularly at a tea party. Make a ‘Queen of heart’ shaped cake using one of The Cake Kit Company’s designs. Or what about making lots of different sized cupcakes inside pretty cupcake cases, smothered with colourful butter icing and edible decorations? You could even make a traditional Victoria sponge cake filled with cream and strawberry jam – a tea party favourite!

Tea Party Games & Activities

If you are planning the party outside, organise some fun oversize garden games such as pick up sticks, hi tower stacking game or the big four game.

Other fun summer games such as sack races and relay races are great and can be adapted to fit with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Rename sack races as ‘bunny hopping’ races and relay races as ‘caucus races’. Pin the tail on the donkey could be ‘pin the grin on the Cheshire cat’ or ‘pin the tail on the white rabbit’.

Teapots and teacups make great props or themes for party games – for a ‘teacup toss’ arrange three teacups on the floor and standing on one side, guests must attempt to throw the ping-pong balls into the teacups. Award prizes for each successful ball in the cup. Or what about organising a teapot race? Divide the guests into two teams and place one bucket (or large teapot) with water/tea inside at one point and an empty one at another given point. Using a teacup, guests have to take it in turns to fill their teacup with water, run to other side with cup in their hands and empty the cup in the bucket or teapot. The team that has filled the bucket/teapot first wins.

Tea Party Bags
Choose paper party bags, coloured or opt for heart printed-paper bags and label guests names with heart stickers. For an extra special present, the fabric party bags are really pretty and can be used to store valuables and things in. For an Alice in Wonderland themed party, heart chocolates, magic bubbles, a pack of playing cards or a soft bunny toy or ears are original choices. Running out of time? You can always go for pre-filled party bags, in lots of different designs and colours that include all the most popular party bag treats.

Visit Party Pieces for truly scrumptious vintage summer party range including cupcake cases, floral tablecloths, pretty plates, cups, cake stands and many more party tea items.

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  1. Really pleased to have read this. Had a successful Egg Hunt yesterday. Next year we plan an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party so have gotten extra ideas from here and will be back to order a few bits. Oh, the Pin the Donkey and Parcel Parcel we bought from here went down wonderfully. Good value for money too!

  2. I’ve been totally inspired by your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party ideas from your online magazine! Will now be throwing a mad hatter tea party for my daughters birthday! Thanks for the insperation- shall be making our order very soon! can’t wait!

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