Mike the Knight Party

The Knight theme is very popular for little boys’ parties, and is now even more so with the arrival of popular children’s character Mike the Knight and his gang of friends. A knight in training, he undertakes all the challenges it takes to be a knight. When hosting a knight party, stick to Mike’s motto; ‘Be a Knight, do it Right’!

Mike, with the help of his trusty steed Galahad, protects the kingdom of Glendragon, a world filled with marvellous adventures, dragons, castles, and magic. Accompanied by his friends, the dragons Sparky and Squirt, and his sister Evie, a trainee wizard, his adventures are always full of surprises.

Every brave knight needs a coat of arms. Make invitations from card cut into shield or flag shapes and colour these in, adding symbols to represent their favourite things (perhaps a football), stickers or a picture of the birthday boy to the front. Another idea might be to make scroll invitations, with real wax seals, to send out the party decree. Alternatively, you can send out knight-themed invitations for ease.

Taking inspiration from Mike, who is always quick to help out, your little knight may enjoy being set tasks to help you prepare for the party, to win his knight’s costume. Perhaps if he helps you make some sandwiches or tidy up the party room, he will get his sword, then his armour and so on. Have a few extra bits of fancy dress handy so that the boys can all dress up as they arrive if they don’t have their own.

Set up the room with red, yellow and blue streamers and strings of bunting, like those around a knight’s tournament, and add balloons in the corners if you like. A castle scene setter and a Mike the Knight birthday banner will finish the decorations off nicely. Cut shield shapes from cardboard, paint them in bright colours and put them on each chair, writing a ‘Sir’ before each name on the front. Attach a loop of string or cardboard to the back and they can have fun playing with these later on. Alternatively, set up a table with pre-cut shield shapes which they can decorate themselves.

Dress the table with Mike the Knight partyware using a themed kit and add gold plastic cutlery. Scatter the table top with gold and silver chocolate coins, and put a knight party hat at each place. Stick striped flags into favourite sandwiches and cocktail sausages on platters and have tall cups of bread ‘jousting’ sticks in the centre. Instead of plastic cups, you could serve their drinks (one of Evie’s magic potions) in plastic ‘goblets’, medieval-banquet style. For the cake, you could make a castle or dragon cake from a kit, or try building your own castle cake in their favourite flavour with ice-cream cone towers at each corner. Add character candles as a finishing touch.

As knights are used to quests, stage a treasure hunt around the house, hiding prizes along the way. You can read out clues as you go if you like. Play ‘sleeping dragons’ by twisting the old party favourite, sleeping lions. Hand out themed prizes for party games, such as stickers, shield notepads and flag pencils. Traditionally, knights had to fight dragons to prove their worth. Hang a dragon piñata up for them all to have a bash at towards the end of the party. Punchball balloons, inflatable swords and chocolate dragons are great to put into their party bags.





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