Flower Fairies Party

Girls love fairy-themed parties. If your little one enjoys helping you out in the garden, a Flower Fairy birthday party is the perfect way for her to share this enthusiasm with her friends. This party theme works well inside, though it’s even better out in the garden, where the flowers are.

Every time a seed sprouts, a flower fairy is born. The type of fairy is an extension of the plant, flower or tree they take their name from and inhabit. Each Flower Fairy has a different character, meaning that here is a favourite one for everyone. They each look after their own plant, tree or flower, keeping it healthy and helping it to grow.

Send little guests themed party invitations, or have fun making them at home using pressed flowers. Simply put the chosen flower heads (make sure they are dry first) between two sheets of blotting paper and close inside a heavy book for a week or two, then glue them onto plain card. Alternatively, cut different coloured card and tissue into flower shapes and layer these before writing on the back.

Little girls of all ages love any excuse to dress up, so ask them all to come dressed as their favourite Flower Fairy. A great party favour might be a pair of wings that they can wear all afternoon and keep, or a pretty floral headband. Have a few spare dresses from your little one’s wardrobe on hand just in case somebody forgets!

A Flower Fairy party wouldn’t be complete without lots of flower decorations. Hang a paper floral garland across the party area and suspend coloured tissue pom-poms throughout, as if they are in a flowery glade. If your child has a particular favourite plant or flower, such as sweet peas, have a jug of real ones on the table. Pink, purple yellow and flower-patterned balloons can fill any gaps in the room, or be filled with helium to ‘sprout’ off the back of each chair or party box, to be taken home afterwards.

Dress the tea-table with a Flower Fairy party kit to add those detailed finishing touches that the girls will enjoy. Cake-stands, platters and jugs in pastel hues are reusable and will set everything off nicely. For the food, offer fairy bread (sprinkled with hundreds and thousands) and sandwiches cut into flower and butterfly shapes using cookie cutters. Pink wafer biscuits and butterfly fairy cakes in pretty wrappers are perfect food for fairies too. Personalise the birthday cake or sprinkle it with crystallised edible flower petals and pretty candles. Serve party drinks like cordial, pink lemonade or squash with fun straws and garnish the jugs with a mint stem or two.

Make sure that everyone sticks to the Flower Fairies’ code when it comes to party games. A flower or butterfly piñata will be a fun finale to the day. Send them home with handbags which you can fill using kits, or tailor them more individually with a packet of seeds that they can sow at home, fairy gliders, bubbles, jewellery or bouncy balls. Alternatively, ask them all to hunt around the garden for the bag with their name on it, especially hidden for them with the fairies’ help.



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