Invictus Games Party

stadium scene setterTo celebrate the inaugural Invictus Games for wounded ex-servicemen and women next month, throw a sporting heroes party. Whether or not you have tickets, support your favourites with themed party accessories and decorations and enjoy the diversity of the events on show… and maybe even hold your own mini-games!


stadium scene setter

Don’t let the fact that you’re watching the action unfold from your living room get in the way of a good party. Get the kids to help you decorate your home. Loop multi coloured streamers and paper chains and colourful multi country bunting around your house in time for the opening ceremony and keep it there for the duration. There are 14 competing nations to choose from, but if you are supporting the UK all the way, why not hang a large union jack flag or make your own banner?

british bbq

For the kids, a few colourful helium balloons in their nation’s colours will go down a treat, especially if one is having a birthday party during this time. A stadium scene setter will set the tone and go some way for everyone to pretend they are really there in the heart of the action. Face paints are another fun way for them to wear the flag. As the Games are all about the armed forces, you could plan the whole party around this and use a camouflage theme. For something quintessentially British, serve fish and chips from a party food stand.

camouflage partyAs for games-themed party favours, Union Jack hats, coloured wigs and novelty glasses make a special change from the normal party bag treats to take home. If you are going to watch one of the events, these may come in handy, depending on the Great British weather! Have a small flag at each place on a party table too.

sports day races

This important international sporting event will provide great motivation for your whole team to get outside for fun and games. Organise events in keeping with the track and field athletics, such as long jump, high jump and running races in your garden for family and friends to burn some energy between watching their favourite events on TV.


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