Money-saving Party Tips

It’s the beginning of the year and people’s minds are filled with bargains; January sales are everywhere with deals galore. Why should planning for a party be any different? Whether it’s an imminent family birthday or a gathering to celebrate the Olympics or the Jubilee later in 2012 we offer a few ideas to help keep costs down and still throw a memorable party.

Now’s the time to stock up and fill the cupboard with cheap essentials, so take advantage of January discounts and get in a new celebration banner which will cover all your favourite birthday celebrations, to be hung over a birthday tea table, the garden fence at a summer BBQ or even above your bed when they bring your breakfast on a tray!

Balloons are useful at many occasions, so go for packs of multi-coloured ones to use throughout the year. Sort though large mixed bags and keep specific colours for certain events, such as orange and purple for Halloween. Make decorations from things you find around the house; keep scraps of coloured tissue from Christmas and birthday presents and cut them into flower or other shapes to string onto homemade garlands or wrap with wire and put in table centres.

If you have children of different ages, go for party themes that suit both ages and genders, like an animal-themed party or one based around a favourite character or book, and double up on supplies. When you are buying, opt for bright plain colours which you can adapt to many different themes. Usually you will find good deals the more you buy and that way you get it all done at once! From invitations to tableware you can also mix themes and colours in one party, especially when catering for much younger children.

Invest in a few staples that you can use again and again, such as plastic serving trays, dishes and cake stands. Nothing says celebration quite like bunting, so go for this brilliant make-your-own bunting which you can personalise for each event. A gold platter saved from the Christmas period could be excellent at an Olympic-themed outdoor summer party. A heart-printed paper pail will work well for little Valentine’s treats as well as housing midnight feasts at a girl’s birthday sleepover.

Party-bag fillers are great things to put on your shopping list at this time of year and ensure that the present-drawer is replenished once more. There is an array of different products which are cross-seasonal and fun, for everyone, from bubbles to bracelets. For larger numbers, party bag kits are a sensible option and will save you both time and money.


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