Party games


Beach Party Games

CartwheelingIn this perfect beach weather, big and little kids alike want to have fun on the sand. Here are some of our favourite games and activities if you are planning a party at the seaside this summer…



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Christmas & New Year Games

christmas girlAs well as carefully planning Christmas food, decorations and presents, it’s useful to have some ideas up your sleeve to keep the kids amused inside during the festivities, when daylight hours are short and the house is full. Here are some ideas for festive games to keep those Christmas spirits up.



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Jungle Party Games & Activities

monkey pinataOrganise a few games and activities for your child’s jungle party to keep all that monkeying around under control. Give classic party games a wild twist to fit the theme. A jungle-themed story or video towards the end of the afternoon will help tame the little beasts before going-home time.

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Adventure Games from Sharky and George

sandggamescropdJust in time for the summer, party entertainers extraordinaire Sharky and George have a fantastic new book out now, DON’T YOU DARE, packed with fun activities for kids. Here they kindly share two exciting outdoor games – perfect for a boy’s birthday party in the fresh air.


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Easter Activities & Games

Easter Game and Activity IdeasWe know that the Easter holidays are still quite a way off and Easter Day is not until 31st March, but it’s a good idea to have a few fun Easter games and activities up your sleeve in advance. Here are a few eggcellent(!) tips for fun Easter games and crafty things to do come rain or shine, all spring long.

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Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Kids Christmas Party IdeasIt’s hard to contain children’s excitement at this time of year, and who would want to!? Plan an early Christmas party for the kids to kick off their festive celebrations, get them into the holiday spirit and release some enthusiasm. It might see you through until December 25th with your sanity intact!

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Ideas for a Moshi Monster Party

We know, you’ve already got a houseful of your own little monsters and the holidays are just around the corner… How about celebrating a birthday with a Moshi Monsters themed party? The monster party theme will add bright colours to any birthday celebration, whether your child prefers a Poppet, or is the owner of a feisty Diavlo…

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Top 10 Outdoor Party Games

We’ve picked out some of our favourite outdoor party games that are essential for any proper birthday party. Guaranteed to get littlies into fits of giggles, perhaps even hysterical excitement and best of all, they burn off lots of energy meaning they’ll be wonderfully weary by the time they head home. Bliss!

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