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Ghoulish Guess What


You will need:

    • - Large tray or Halloween style bowl
    • - Paper plates or plastic bowls
    • - A selection of tactile foods, sweets and fillers
    • - Blindfold
    • - Tablecover

Spook all your guests with this fun Ghoulish Guess What Game!

Place lots of food, sweets and fillers on a tray and place in the middle of the party table. Remember to cover with a cloth so no one sees. Tell all your guests in your most suitably scary voice that the tray contains body parts from different ghouls to really set the scene. Each person takes a turn blindfolded in reaching under the cloth and selecting an item. It’s time to guess by smelling or feeling the item to see what body part they may have selected. To really give them a fright, get all the other children to make squeamish sounds!

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